You can foster and help a dog in Bali – even if you’re just here for a week or two

BARC help over 1,600 dogs each year, but we don’t do this alone! Foster carers help us in preparing dogs and puppies to find their forever homes.

Young or old, Bali’s dogs need foster homes

Foster dogs come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and conditions – but there are two main styles of foster care offered through BARC.

Anyone visiting Bali can foster a dog and make a real difference.

No matter how long you’re here, our dogs could benefit from your time and energy, there are so many benefits to fostering.

We’ll provide you with a dog and any medicine required – please just give them your love, food and lots of cuddles.


Puppies need foster homes where they’re safe and socialized.

Puppies have to wait until their vaccinations have kicked-in before it’s safe for them to mix. This can take up to 12 weeks and unfortunately, in a clinic style of environment like BARC this means they must remain in cages, separated from the other puppies.

But at the same time, this is a crucial stage for their social development. How much care and exposure they have to other people and animals will have a huge impact on their personality, social skills, behavior and help them adjust faster to their new homes, and make them more desirable candidates for adoption.

So it’s really important for puppies to find foster homes that will keep them safe, in an enclosed yard – but also spend time socializing them.

Adult dogs also need love, care and exercise.

Adult dogs often struggle to find long-term homes – but they’re just as in need of love, care, and exercise as puppies.

If you can care for a healthy dog for a few weeks, or commit to rehabilitating a dog that may have special needs, medical care i.e. skin treatments, BARC will provide you with a dog and any medicine you need – if you can simply provide a loving home and food.


Just like adopting a dog, with one key difference…

We understand that Bali can be a transient place for westerners. You may be living here for one year, that extends into twenty. Or you may be gone in the second year. We also believe that adopting one of our puppies is a life-time commitment.

Therefore we offer our Long Term Foster program to westerners who are unable to guarantee they can offer that life-time commitment.

With a Long Term Foster placement you will become the guardian to one of our adult dogs that, through no fault of their own, have never found their forever homes. Then, should the day ever arise that you need to leave the Island, you can rest easy knowing that the dog can be returned to BARC.

They truly do come in all shapes and sizes; older dogs in need of a retirement home, timid dogs that just needs some love and compassion, dogs whose coat simply didn’t return full and strong, females who arrived with a litter of puppies but never found their homes, three legged or one eyed dogs or even distemper survivors with a small twitch. There are so many great personalities! So many truly loving dogs!

The BARC Sanctuary offers a home for these animals, but at the end of the day, even the BARC Sanctuary cannot compare with the one-on-one love, care and attention offered in a private home.

Every dog deserves the chance to experience that, and your offer to join our Long Term Foster program may be their only chance to experience this.



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