I want Joey’s Law


Inspired by the amazing work of Oscar’s Law in Australia, Joey’s Law will be the catalyst for change in Indonesia.

Named after little Joey a three legged Shih Tzu who was rescued from a lifetime of imprisonment, the most shocking case of neglect that Animal rescuers in Bali had seen in a long time.

Close to death, her will to survive, her pure determination and strength, and her overwhelming gratitude, have inspired us and will inspire you to help stop the ongoing suffering of countless dogs like Joey all over Indonesia.

Together we CAN make a difference…

Together we CAN stop the suffering!


Joey’s Law AIMS:

  1. No dog in Indonesia should live in a cage.
  2. Stop irresponsible backyard breeding in Indonesia.
  3. Ban the sale of un-vaccinated dogs in Indonesia.
  4. Assist the government of Indonesia to run a campaign on responsible pet ownership and Rabies awareness.