Can’t adopt one? Try a virtual adoption…

You might really want to give one, or more, of our beloved BARC dogs a loving home, but not able to adopt for a variety of reasons – including not living in Bali! Well, joining our virtual adoption program and becoming a dog’s guardian could offer the next best solution for you.

In joining this program you will be making a donation of $10 weekly or $40 monthly. Your donation will be contributing to food, shelter, toys, blankets, rehabilitation, behavioral support, general & medical care for all of the dogs at BARC – including your virtual pet. We don’t want anyone to miss out!

This offers you opportunity to form a special bond with your chosen pet. Holding them in your thoughts, sharing their story with family & friends and just knowing that someone out there is bringing them into awareness and sending them love can have interesting effects on these highly intuitive animals. You become their guardian, and will receive quarterly updates on their care, progress and overall wellness – allowing you to feel involved in their lives.

The dogs offered in our Virtual Adoption program are the ones that are less likely to be adopted into a forever home. This may be because of medical/health issues, age, or some form of trauma. It may be that they are a fairly new rescue that will take an extended period of time in recovery before they would be considered for adoption. With your help they can continue to enjoy a carefree life in a warm, safe and loving environment.