Fostering a dog is an exciting opportunity to make a difference in their life – and yours too.

  • Fostering saves the lives of dogs

    Sadly, no charity has unlimited resources. Rescuing one dog could mean that another has to stay on the streets, alone and injured. Fostering a dog frees up space at centres like BARC – allowing us to go out and help more dogs.

  • Fostering gives dogs a better chance of finding a forever home

    Shelters can be a stressful environment. Dogs can seem nervous or unfriendly when they’re stressed, so are less likely to make a great impression with a potential family. Whereas a dog kept in a home where it’s safe and cared-for will be more calm, relaxed and appealing – with its true personality on-show.

  • Fostering can be a great experience for your family

    Dogs can have a huge, positive impact on family life. You might be unable to commit to a full-time dog, or interested in finding-out how much work is really needed. Fostering can be a positive, rewarding and educational experience for you, your partner and children.

  • You can help complete someone else’s family

    Someone out there is looking to provide a forever home for one of our dogs. By helping care and train them, you’re preparing them to make a positive impression and easily fit into the lives of a family they’ll live with for the rest of their lives.

BARC provides you with a dog and any medicine required – please just give them your love, food and lots of cuddles.

Please see the dogs who are currently in need of good foster homes, by clicking here.