Neglected animals can be found anywhere in the world at any time. Unfortunately, here in Bali it is a common site! As a result many dogs are destined to die slow, preventable, deaths.

No words can describe the level of suffering experienced: They cringe at the sight of humans because humans have been their abusers and enemies, rather than friends. They hide from detection, scavenge for food scraps, sleep on the streets and as a result, live in constant fear. They have never have known love and affection, rather neglect and abuse.


Their spirits are often broken. When BARC rescues these animals we offer medication, food, and warm blankets. We provide a pause from the rigors of what seems like a struggle to survive in a hostile world. We allow their bodies time to recover and do what we can to rebuild their trust in humanity by offering love and affection.

Some are simply too far gone and do not make it. We take heart in knowing that they experienced what it is to be loved, at least for a moment. Many do make it and slowly learn to trust again, even responding affectionately to humans. Some are placed in foster care during their recovery, this valuable support offers the dogs a more ‘one on one’ experience, in addition, opening a window into a different life. Once they have healed and recovered some trust, we do what we can to find them loving fur-ever homes.


This page features some of our rescue videos and more importantly, it provides a glimpse into what is a daily, often heart-rendering, part of the work we do. Note: some videos contain graphic images; difficult for any true dog lover to witness, yet it is also a reality of what we face every day here in Bali.

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