Apply for the Bali Dog Adoption Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) Sanctuary Volunteer Program. At present, we accept volunteers for periods of 5 days to a maximum of 7 days (Package minimum advised donation starts from 350 dollars per pax) and this Volunteer Program provides:

Serenity House
– Breakfast included
– Transport to Sanctuary and SafeHouse as in itinerary

Before applying, please read through our volunteer guidelines thoroughly to ensure that you understand all terms and conditions of our programme.
Once you have done that, you are welcome to apply by filling out this application form and sending it with anything on your cv relating to work with animals.


Visit our adoption center in Ubud and lend a hand while you are there. The residents awaiting adoption all love to receive cuddle and this simple act also helps to prepare them for adoption. Taking them for a walk, giving them a bath, de-ticking are all things that both support BARC and the dogs.

Drop by and spend some quality time with the animals.


If you live in Bali or are staying for an extend period of time, why not become a foster parent?

Foster care is a critical part of getting puppies socialized and ready for adoption, it gives them time away from the centre where they can be subject to viruses that their little immune systems are not able to cope with. Foster helps to keep them safe and healthy till they are fully vaccinated and sterilized, as well as giving you and them some unconditional love.


There are always ways to help! Thanks to the internet you can be anywhere in the world and still volunteer with us.

BARC is a registered Indonesian Yayasan (Charity) and a DGR registered Australian Charity. We are looking to fill several part-time volunteer roles.

With each of these opportunities you can work the hours that suit you, and ultimately you will be helping to bring the plight of the Bali Dogs to a wider audience.

As these roles are computer bases there are some basic IT skills required including: ability to use email, Facebook, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint. The level and amount of skill required does vary depending on the role and we can certainly discuss these details with you further.


This role is approximately one to four hours per week.

As a BARC Sponsorship Fundraiser you will be approaching companies and organizations for Sponsorship of a variety of activities BARC offer including: Adoption Days, the Dog Squad, Education Days, Medical Care and Sterilization Days.

Sponsorship opportunities vary in price and are fully tax deductible.

You will be fully supported in this role by the Administration Manager, marketing collateral and strategies are already in place and ready to be deployed.

Please note: You will not have to find the companies or create any documents – everything is provided for you. Your role is to contact the companies & working with them to implement the Sponsorship opportunities they buy.


As a BARC researcher you can choose what you work on & how much you want to do!

We need help researching competitions we can enter to win cash or prizes, looking into Grants we can apply for, developing a database of companies we can contact about sponsoring our various packages.

Please note you will not have to contact any companies – we have a different team for that. This is purely researching opportunities for BARC.


As a BARC Donation sniffer you can choose what you work on & how much you want to do. You will be approaching companies and organizations for Donations.

There are a few different areas of Donations, you can choose where you would like to focus.

1 – Vouchers & Products for Auction on the BARCing Mad Auction page
2 – Donations of Medical Supplies form Vets
3 – Donations of other goods that can be used by BARC, Blankets, bowels, toys etc.
4 – Placing of donation tins in your local shops & then collecting once full.

We have template letters for all these donation categories, which you can just send in to the relevant places.



Australia (all capital cities) to Bali, or Bali to Australia (Perth), or Koh Samui to Bali, or Australia (Melbourne) to Koh Samui

We have donation supplies that need to get from Australia to Bali & Koh Samui, and we have merchandise that needs to get from Koh Samui and Bali to Australia.

If you are traveling and can spare some kilos to help the dogs, we would be most grateful.

For more information on any of these roles please email us admin@barc4balidogs.org.

Please note: Due to the visa and other legal regulations we are unable to employ or accept resumes from overseas. This includes vets and vet nurses. It is illegal for foreign vets to practice in Bali. We can only use the services of licensed Indonesian vets or vet nurses.

If you are an Indonesian citizen wishing to express interest in working for us please email us rescue@barc4balidogs.org for more information.