Volunteer Agreement


As a volunteer with BARC, I agree to the following : 

  • That I wish to offer my services to BARC and understand there is no payment, reimbursement, the supply of meals, clothing, materials, and supply of transportation or compensation for any expenses incurred.
  • I understand that any information provided to me by BARC staff regarding transport, accommodation, expenses, living in Bali, etc. is given in good faith and is to the best knowledge of the staff at the time.
  • I understand that BARC does not take any responsibility for any loss or injury incurred by me whilst I am volunteering at BARC. This includes the cost of any post-exposure vaccination treatments that may be required.
  • I agree to work within the established guidelines, procedures, and protocols of BARC at all times and that I will abide by the mission of BARC at all times.
  • I accept that BARC is a no-kill shelter and that my own beliefs may not always align with those of BARC.
  • I will handle all of the BARC animals in a gentle, respectful, and compassionate manner.
  • I will respect the BARC staff, recognize that they have protocols to follow, and will comply with their instructions fully without obstructing their work or causing harm to the animals.
  • I will use my common sense and compassion with the animals.
  • I will respect the fact that I am a visitor to Bali and that whilst I may not agree with animal welfare practices I will not bring BARC’s name or work into disrepute by engaging in arguments with local people regarding their treatment of animals.
  • I will work with everyone in a culturally sensitive manner.
  • I will not take illegal drugs or consume alcohol (or be under the influence of these substances) while on BARC premises or representing BARC.
  • I will not remove any property of BARC from the premises of BARC without signed permission from the Founder of BARC.

Once you have done that, you are welcome to apply by filling out this application form and sending it with anything on your cv relating to work with animals.

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