At BARC we regularly undertake community sterilization days within rural villages in order to help and support the local Balinese people and their dogs and cats.

During a sterilization day we provide FREE sterilization of between 15-20 dogs and cats to local Balinese families who would not otherwise be able to pay for this service.

This program has a huge impact within the community, as one un-sterilized female dog and her offspring can theoretically produce 67,000 puppies and an un-sterilized female cat can produce 370,000 kittens over 6 years.

Sterilizing animals helps to stops the cycle of unwanted litters and moreover, it relieves the suffering of thousands of animals that are thrown away or left to starve. Our goal is to offer one of these programs every 2 weeks. Of course, with your support through regular funding, we could offer these programs even more often!

Sterilization, and so much more!

As these days are conducted within rural villages, there is the opportunity to offer so much more! This means that while the team are onsite we also:

  • Offer FREE vaccinations (parvo, distemper & rabies) for local dogs and cats. Vaccinations are essential to eradicate rabies once and for all from the island.
  • Seize the opportunity to interact with and educate locals on the importance of preventative treatments such as worming, tick and skin treatments. Our staff love to share their wealth of knowledge and work toward a brighter future for animals in rural villages.
  • Have a variety of treatments at hand supporting as needed.

Dogs are a key part of almost every Balinese family, however many locals are simply not able to afford medical treatment for their animals. Our goal on these days is to help as many families and animals while onsite within the villages.

Therefore it is really so much more than just a sterilization program, although this is our primary focus. And here is your opportunity to become an integral part of this program, supporting the work that BARC offers and ultimately preventing the suffering of countless animals in Bali. You can either fund a full sterilization day ($300 USD), or contribute toward the costs for one of these days with either a one time or monthly donation. All funds raised through this program are put toward sterilization programs.

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