In August 2012, BARC secured a large property 40 minutes north of central Ubud, in the Tabanan regency. We are now in the process of creating Bali’s first multi species rescued animal sanctuary – Warriors Legacy.

The sanctuary currently houses around 70 dogs, 2 pigs, some ducks and chickens – all rescued from the streets of Bali.

In time some of primate residents will be returned to the wild. However, most of the other animals will spend the rest of their lives at the sanctuary. These animals are generally seen as unadoptable, having lost limbs or other physical impairments. Many have been horrendously traumatized through cruel circumstances or have developed mental health issues caused by mistreatment or a tough start to life.

We are of course open for safe, loving home to show up, and they do from time to time. But the sanctuary ensures a safe, fun, playful, relaxing environment for them to live out the rest of their lives.

Warriors Legacy includes:

  1. Purpose built dog accommodation with day beds, walking planks, private and communal areas etc.
  2. A lovely area for western breed dogs, allowing them to remain separated from the Bali dogs.
  3. Specific accommodation for our blind horses, complete with a carer to look after their special needs.
  4. Simple bunk style accommodation for volunteers and the support team, complete with kitchen, shower/toilet, and communal areas.
  5. An enclosure for the pigs with room to muck around in the mud!

There is still much work to be done at the sanctuary before it becomes fully operational. It is an exciting vision: a safe haven for animals in Bali! We have made a great start and would invite you to join us in supporting this vision.

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