We proud to call ourselves a “No Kill” organisation. Although this could be much better described as having a commitment to saving lives.

We have a strict “No Kill” policy. Although, we do operate a little differently than some “no kill shelters” available today. Below is a short overview of how this policy works in our case:

  • Euthanasia is reserved only for: animals that are terminally ill, animals that are dangerous or have no chance of survival due to low immunity and are prone to rapid infection.

We take in some of the worst cases of neglect you will ever see – and do the best we can – applying the time, effort, energy and of course $ required to save lives.

Unadoptable animals include those with; missing limbs, eyes, re-occurring skin conditions and those who have not been able to overcome some form of trauma. It is currently home to over 60 dogs.

However, we never know when the ‘pur-fect’ fit might walk through the door for one of the dogs that have been unadoptable!

Homing unadoptable dogs at the BARC Sanctuary increases the work we do. But on the positive side it also means that, unlike some no kill shelters, we never turn animals. Full is simply not in our vocabulary – compassion for those in need is.

You can read more about No Kill Shelters through Wikipedia

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