From time to time amazing friends feel called to share more about BARC, the work that we do and/or a particular rescue story, with local media. Firstly, we offer a huge thank you to everyone that has supported in this way. Having BARC appear in the media is a fantastic way to; raise awareness and rally support. This in turn means more sterilization, education and rescues.

On this page you can review those media offerings. And who know??? Maybe one day you will feel the call to support BARC by contacting your local media agency, writing a blog, or simply sharing with family and friends.

Help can come in surprising and unexpected ways!


In this TV interview on THE PROJECT Linda talks about BARC’s humble beginnings to where it is today.

A freelance writer from Western Australia chose to feature Linda, BARC Pack Leader in one of her blogs. Read the blog here

A thought provoking article, something every holiday maker should contemplate before “adopting a dog” while on holidays… We LOVE support with fostering!!  Read more here

2HC in Coff’s Harbour, Australia interviewed Linda over the phone from Bali. In this interview she shares more about BARC, how everything got started, the work we do and more about “Warriors Legacy Sanctuary”.

Linda Mitchell submitted a blog to “Weekend Notes” after visiting the BARC Adoption Center. Read the full article here


Luci  O’Brien and her dog Pico call residents to support BARC.

Written by a guest staying at the Four Seasons Hotel who came to visit BARC Adoption Center.

Back in June 2008 A Dogs Life magazine ran a special on Animal Welfare featuring BARC. The image below shows the set up and images used within this. Although the text is a little small! It can be read directly on Dogs Life website – here.

Verve ~ Virgin Blue’s inflight magazine published an article written by one of their cabin crew sharing about BARC.

Alison Browning shares her adventure in coming to BARC and acknowledges that this is a labour of love.

Lauren Roberts shares more about the BARC sterilization program.

An Indonesian article about the work that we do at BARC.

Kay shares about her journey in coming to Bali and spending some time at BARC. Read the blog

Meet Tara, a volunteer who supports BARC from abroad. Read her blog.

An interview with Linda published by The Yak Mag.  Read more here

Christie shares her thoughts about the time she spent at the BARC in her travel blog – The Butterfly Edition. Read article here


This heartwarming story about a rescued monkey was featured in both The Dodo and HolidogTimes; two blog sites

Tin Tin had a home, but when he got sick the owner took him to the vet and never returned to collect him. Read more about Tin Tin’s story featured in The Dodo

Many people coming across this scabby, stray puppy on a dirt road in Bali may just have walked on. But this Canadian couple decide to do something – read Ruby’s story here

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