Can’t adopt one? Try a virtual adoption…

You might really want to give one, or more, of our beloved BARC dogs a loving home, but are not able to adopt for a variety of reasons – including not living in Bali! Well, joining our virtual adoption program and becoming a dog’s guardian could offer the next best solution for you.

In joining this program you will be making a donation of $10 weekly or $40 monthly. Your donation will be contributing to food, shelter, toys, blankets, rehabilitation, behavioral support, general & medical care for all of the dogs at BARC – including your virtual pet. We don’t want anyone to miss out!

This offers you an opportunity to form a special bond with your chosen pet. Holding them in your thoughts, sharing their story with family & friends and just knowing that someone out there is bringing them into awareness and sending them love can have interesting effects on these highly intuitive animals. You become their guardian, and will receive quarterly updates on their care, progress and overall wellness – allowing you to feel involved in their lives.

The dogs offered in our Virtual Adoption program are the ones that are less likely to be adopted into a forever home. This may be because of medical/health issues, age or some form of trauma. It may be that they are a fairly new rescue that will take an extended period of time in recovery before they would be considered for adoption. With your help they can continue to enjoy a carefree life in a warm, safe and loving environment.

How does it work?

Participating in the Virtual Adoption program can be done on an individual basis, but also together with your company, family, friends or club (social or sports). Perhaps a BARC dog can become your team mascot with a small contribution from everyone?

If your virtual pet finds a forever home or leaves BARC’s care, you may opt-out of the program (although you could of course opt out of the program at any time) or choose a new pet to virtually adopt – there will always be someone here who needs you. Some more frequently asked questions are covered below.

Please take a moment to browse through the dogs below, locate the dog that you desire to virtually adopt, and then subscribe to our program. Within 1 week of subscription, you will receive a virtual adoption certificate featuring your chosen dog – a small token of our appreciation and something you can print out and display.


What is my donation used for?

Your monthly donation is used to help your sponsor dog and all the dogs in our care.

The money is used to cover the costs of running the BARC. Your donation will be contributing to food, shelter, toys, blankets, rehabilitation, behavioral support, medical & general care for all of the dogs at BARC – including your virtual pet. We don’t want anyone to miss out!

Our ultimate goal would be to find a permanent, loving homes for every dog in BARC’s care, but for a variety of reasons this simply may not be possible. The Virtual Adoption program supports us in allowing them to live out the rest of their lives in comfort at the BARC Sanctuary!

Can I visit my dog while in Bali?

The short answer to that question is yes – we love visitors and encourage guardian angels to visit their dogs during their time in Bali! Although visits to the BARC Sanctuary are by appointment only and, due to seasonal constraints, may not be available all year round. We suggest contacting us when you are planning your trip to find out more.

It is also important to remember that some of these dogs have had allot of emotional trauma in their history. Often times this is the reason we have never been able to adopt them out. As such your Virtual pet may only be open to receiving cuddles and hugs virtually, they may not allow you to pet them physically. But our staff on the ground can advise you further during your visit.

Will I be my dog’s only sponsor?

While we would love to see every dog in this program have just one guardian. The reality is that some dogs are more popular than others. Therefore your dog may have more than one guardian, while others will remain without a guardian.

If you are keen to virtually adopt one of the dogs that currently doesn’t have a guardian, please message the administration for advice in your selection.

How often will I receive news about my dog?

If you have sponsored a recent rescue in recovery, we will endeavor to provide updates as they go through the healing and recovery process. As a minimum you will receive quarterly updates – most updates will be specific for your dog, however others may include general good news stories about the pack and/or the location your dog is living.

Soon we hope to open a members only section of the website, therefore allowing everyone in the Virtual Adoption program to login and see updates on all of the dogs.

Will I receive a birthday card from my dog?

Unfortunately not, we do not collect this information during your registration process, therefore are unable to provide birthday greetings from your virtual pet.

Do you send out donation reminders?

The virtual sponsorship program is set up with an auto billing option. We will contact you should there be a problem or an issue within this system. However, donation reminders are generally not required.

I am having difficulties setting up a virtual adoption.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties in setting this program up, please contact the BARC administration support:

I want an update on my pet, is that possible?

Because our caregivers are very busy providing daily care and enrichment for all of the animals in our care (recent rescues, dumped and abandoned as well as the regular residents), they are not able to provide updates-on-demand for virtual pets. We certainly hope you can understand our time constraints – the dogs are our main priority here! However, you can stay in touch with all that’s going on through our social media platforms.

IF my virtual pet is adopted, can I receive updates?

We will ensure to update you should your pet be adopted/find a permanent home. The family or adopter may want privacy. However, we do occasionally get their permission to share their stories and updates through our social media platforms, so be sure to check!

Can I cancel my virtual adoption?

You can of course opt out of this program at any time, although we certainly hope that you will remain with your virtual pet while they continue to be in our care. No different than we hope every adoption is a fur-ever solution!