Thank you, Emily! BARC Donation-Sniffers

We appreciate it so much when caring dog-lovers spread the word about BARC and the work we’re doing to protect Bali’s street dogs, and encourage their friends and family to support us as well. We’ve even made up a cute dog-themed nickname for them – donation-sniffers, because like dogs sniff for a tasty treat, donation-sniffers search for kind people to make a difference!

Photo of Emily with one of our Barc dogs (left) and Emily at her birthday party(right)

We’d like to thank our wonderful volunteer and donation-sniffer, Emily Flory, for all of her help. Emily is a lovely Canadian woman who volunteered with BARC (Bali dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre) for a month with her husband. They’re both ardent dog-lovers, and wonderful people – we’ve been delighted to have their help! For her birthday, she even asked for her loved ones to forego gifts and donate to BARC instead, creating a fundraising campaign BARC for my Birthday!

Emily raised a whopping $510, and helped to spread awareness of our organisation far and wide. We are a no-kill sanctuary that relies entirely on donations, and receives no government funding, so donation-sniffers and donors make all the difference.

Help us to help dogs

Would you like to make a difference to the lives of Bali’s street dogs, protecting them from abuse, abandonment and illness? We’re always looking for volunteers, both here in Bali and overseas – from helping out at the sanctuary to researching sponsorship opportunities, and even sparing a few kilos of your luggage for wish list supplies when you visit.

We’re also urgently seeking donations of money & resources. For your next birthday, Christmas or fundraising cause, please consider BARC, and encourage your friends and family to learn about our organisation and how they can make a difference too.

You can even give a gift that keeps on giving by making a donation as a gift – from our Virtual Rescue and Virtual Adoption programs, to our awesome online store of (often hilarious!) clothing and accessories, there’s so many ways of delighting the dog-lovers in your life while providing us with much-needed funds to continue the fantastic work that we do.

There’s so many ways that you can get involved with BARC. Together, we can help make a difference.

Who is BARC? We’re a registered Australian/Indonesian non-profit organisation which presently cares for over 350 animals, primarily rescued dogs but also rescued horses, pigs and monkeys. We work closely with Balinese communities, providing education, information and resources on dog care while organising adoptions into local homes. We run a medical clinic and adoption centre, a sanctuary and a retail outlet.

None of what we do is possible without the generous support of our donors, and 100% of all donations go towards improving the lives of Bali’s animals.