Princess Anya

Avail for: Adopted

Age: 4 months

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Colour: Brown/Black

Every animal adopted from BARC is desexed*, vaccinated, flea and worm treated, behaviourally assessed and health checked.

*Unless fostered or adopted before of age owners are able to return with their animals during sterilization days”

About Princess Anya

Princess Anya is new arrival. Still at Sunset Vet, amputation to occur within next couple of days. We need funds (VA/F) Below is what I wrote for the fundraising kita bisa page.


Made and the BARC team had just returned from a long day fencing and improving shelters for the animals in our care, when a caring local lady arrived nursing yet another puppy.

Her sharing was heart-wrenching… This puppy had just been hit by a motorbike, then some unthinking folks who were nearby had started throwing the poor girl around, she was howling in pain. Our caring friend ran over and stopped them, scooping the puppy up and taking it away. It is sad to think that in this day and age people continue to engage in these acts of cruelty.

BARC’s resources are already at our limit; with over 350 animals already in our care, a vet bill of over 40 million for this month and our staff already focusing on improving the standard of life for all residents. But… Just look into that face…

It was impossible for Made to say no to this call for help!

We rushed her up to Sunset Vet. X-rays revealed that she has fractures in her right front foot (metacarpal area) and her left back leg (right pelvic and sub luxation right caput femoral). She needs to remain at the vet clinic with some pain relief and under observation until the swelling goes down a little. Then, she will require surgery to amputate the back leg. And some post surgery care. Once through these steps it will be time to vaccinate, sterilise and hopefully find a loving home.

We have named her “Princess Anya”, which means “Inexhaustible, Limitless, resurrection” and seemed very fitting for this little warrior.

Please donate to help Anya receive the surgery she desperately needs, her resurrection and second chance at a loving life…

Dear Visitor Please note that whilst we endeavour to update these pages as frequently as possible, there is a chance this animal may have been adopted. We cannot put animals on hold over the phone.

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