A Day in the life Linda Buller: Pack Leader

A general day will consist of waking early to tend to the sick animals that we have at home, the very sick and disabled animals that need 24 hours care usually end up at our house.

Presently we have 21 Dogs, 2 cats and 4 monkeys that require feeding, medication and cleaning up after.

By mid-morning I have usually moved onto admin, responding to emails, phone calls, inquiries, donations, adoptions, and accounts.

In between this, I am organizing kitchen staff that is busy outside grinding bones, chopping vegetables and cooking rice to feed our 350+ hungry mouths. There is never “down” time for us here at BARC, its a 24 hour, 7 Day a week job for all of us.

You don’t need to be in Bali to help us – you can help by becoming a monthly donor – You can help make life a little easier for us all here in Bali with as little as $10 a week!

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