Our Dogma

BARCs key goals and objectives for the Animals of Bali:

We run a small facility in Ubud for the community to bring suffering animals to where medical help and rehabilitation is available.

Read more here: Ubud

To lessen the load on the abandoned abused and starving, Bali street dogs and protect them form extinction due to relentless culling. The Bali heritage dog is estimated to be one of the oldest dog species on the planet, with DNA dating back at least 12,000 years. We currently have no funding available to develop a plan to save the historic Bali dog from extinction, we are currently working up a program and costs so we can start fundraising.

Read more about the significance of the Bali dog here: Bali Heritage Dog

To provide a sanctuary where (un-adoptable) dogs are protected their whole lives, if adoptable to be found a loving family.

Read more here: Sanctuary

To expand our “Dog Squad” to enforce animal protection laws, pan ensure persons involved in animal abuse are held responsible and punished with prison time.

Read more here: Dog Squad


To raise awareness through community education in International schools, Balinese schools and the broader Balinese community.

Read more here: Education