Essential ‘ need to know ‘ answers to questions while travelling in and around Bali

You are now in Bali, and the first thing that hits you is the amount of free roaming ‘ strays ‘.

Reality check, most of these dogs are not strays they belong to someone.

They belong to maybe a small warong , or cafe somewhere nearby, or yes they maybe in fact a neglected dumped stray.
It is pretty normal to see dogs on the road scavenging for food, as the owner may only give a small amount of rice and cannot afford to give more.
Bali is and has always been populated with many dogs, mostly unneutered and unvaccinated. (BARC assists community’s to sterilize vaccinate and educate).

The normal local solution here to unwanted dogs, is to dump their puppies and dogs anywhere they can.
So consider this circumstance, you maybe seeing some stray pups on the road.
Here are some suggestions of what to do…

1. “I see dogs on the road and I think they do not have owner, what should we do?”

So, let’s narrow this statement into two parts.

First situation

Are the dogs are okay, and healthy?.
Or are the dogs malnourished ,sick/injured or have a serious skin condition?

If the dogs are healthy, let them be. Some stray dogs, as explained belong to the community or Banjar or neighborhood. So they are not really alone, they just do not have any proper home or owners who can take care of them properly.
If the dogs are healthy and doing just fine in their area, let them be.
If your feeling sorry for the dogs, you can feed them.
You can buy dog food or rice and chicken etc, and feed them on the road.
Bali dogs ARE tough so you don’t have to worry too much about them living on the streets. But if they are puppies, and not doing well, or alone on a busy street, please get a blanket or cage and take them to the Vet ( we use sunset vet clinic which are situated in Ubud and Kuta +623619348915 ) and have them checked and vaccinated, after that, you can board them , there are places in Bali who will look after them until you manage to find a permanent home for them.

You can also ASK on Facebook for foster parents for them and also run a fundraiser to help you pay for their up keep which is minimum compared to the western world.

If the dogs are sick/injured or have a serious skin condition, you can note the location, call a vet, (623619348915) also if the dog is friendly and you can approach or touch the dog, again cover it with blanket and try to take to a VET.

If you can’t approach the dog, or you are afraid, please ask the locals close by, to help you post the dog’s situation on some dog community Facebook page, you can ask for help this way as well!

2. “I am not living here, what should I do with the dog?”

You found a dog, you took him to a vet and got him vaccinated already, but you cannot keep him because you are not living here and you are about to leave Bali. (You can post this situation again on some dog communities on Facebook.)
Hopefully someone can adopt or foster him.

But if no one can adopt him, and you only have one day left in Bali, and you are in panic now, you can board him at one of the boarding kennels here, or if he is ok and, it is not wrong of you to release him back to the street.

But if he is very ill of course you can arrange with a vet for his continued care.

3. “I don’t have money. What Should I do to pay the bills?”

You rescued an injured dog and you took him to a Vet and the bills have you worried?

You can start a fundraising for this dog.
You can start with “mycause”, KitaBisa, Facebook fundraiser or you can post again on some dog communities on Facebook.
Write your story and ask for help.
Generally, you could call some animal/dog foundations to help you rescue.
But some foundations are overloaded and do not have enough space left as there are so many rescued dogs and puppies, that need a place.
Unfortunately, we cannot expect all animals rescues groups here in Bali to help as many are absolutely full, so it’s really up to you.
So as individuals, like yourself holidaying and feel love for animals, and who find a poor homeless puppy, you can still do something, as explained above , a rescue is much more than just picking it up and taking it to a dog rescue. Not all foundations or animal welfare can help them, as most are not funded by any welfare body, and are constantly struggling to make ends meet, but as an individual, YOU can help.

This is why BARC is now working in the community to teach people to take care of their own dogs in their area…..COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE is now the “FACE OF BARC” moving forward this year.


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