Meet the team helping Bali’s street dogs to find loving homes

Bali’s street dogs could have a bright future, with a new initiative between local dog-lovers, villagers – and a charity that’s dedicated to helping the island’s dogs find homes. But they need your help!

Many dogs in Bali enjoy living in local villages, where they wander freely – enjoying the island’s warm weather and eating food generously leftover from the predominantly-Hindu island’s regular celebrations.

Sadly though, some dogs arrive at BARC (Bali dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre) with shocking injuries and malnutrition – requiring serious medical care, rehabilitation and homes where they can heal and feel loved.

Finding homes and sharing resources to care for Bali’s dogs.

Fortunately for Bali’s dogs, BARC are joining forces with the island’s animal lovers, to find homes for these dogs in the local community – and to make sure that villages have the resources and information that they need to provide care for their dogs, throughout their lives.

‘On our own, BARC might help 1,000 dogs a year to rehabilitate’, explained Sandy Button.

‘But by involving the local community, we think we could help 10,000 or maybe even 15,000 dogs a year to heal and find loving homes.

‘Education and providing resources is key – and our local staff have far better abilities to spread our message about caring for animals throughout the island than anyone.’ BARC has been doing this through weekly local adoption days

Bali’s dogs need your help to fund a brighter future.

BARC visit local villages to find homes for their dogs – who arrive with packages including collars, a blanket, food and bowls.

And the team have found clever ways to help locals provide for their pets, by leveraging the tropical island’s rich plant-life.

Linda Buller explained, ‘We recommend affordable and natural solutions. For example, local neem and moringa leaves can deworm dogs. We also recommend turmeric to help reduce inflammation, and ginger for easing stomach troubles.’

BARC’s team are keen to spread their message and setup a network of outreach centres that will provide locals with the resources they need to care for their dogs – but they need your help to fund their mission.

‘If we really want to transform the lives of dogs throughout Bali, then involving the local community is essential. And Bali is an island that loves animals – we just need to help make sure the resources and knowledge are in place to help’, explained Sandy.

‘We’re also teaming-up with other local charities. Local handicapped children have been delighted to meet our handicapped dogs – who are living happy lives in their adapted wheelchairs.’

How can you help Bali’s dogs to find loving homes?

A small monthly donation will help BARC to start building its new outreach centres.

  • A regular donation of any size will help provide local villages with the resources and information that they need to provide dogs with long, healthy and love-filled lives.

Expats in Bali can foster adult dogs and puppies.

  • It’s easy to find homes for puppies.
  • But BARC has adult dogs that don’t have homes – and they need love, care and exercise.
  • Whether you’d like a healthy dog for a few weeks, or if you can commit to rehabilitating a dog that needs care and skin treatments, BARC will provide you with a dog and any medicine you need – if you can simply provide love and food.

Your company could transform the lives of dogs in Bali.

Together, your company and BARC could transform the lives of dogs in Bali.

  • We have the expertise and energy to equip Bali’s villages with everything that they need to provide safe, loving homes for the island’s dogs.
  • However, we lack the financial resources to achieve our goal alone.
  • If you run a company and have the means to help us, then together we can transform life for dogs living across Bali.

Please donate here, or contact us at BARC to discuss opportunities for partnership we’d love to hear from you!