Meet our vet, Dr Ketut – an unsung hero!

Dr Ketut has been such an amazing support to BARC over the last five years, and what we do here wouldn’t be possible without him!

BARC (Bali dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre) has been helping dogs in Bali for over a decade, providing a safe, caring sanctuary for their recovery, and working with local villages to find them forever-homes.

Many dogs come to us injured or sick, and before local veterinarian Dr Ketut joined our team, we were struggling to cope with our vet bills – at one point, they reached over $8,000 per month! But with his help, we have been able to significantly reduce these bills even as we grow and help more dogs – we can now keep these expenses to below $2,000, while providing the same great standard of care. Having a vet on-site three days a week and on-call is no easy feat, and we’re very grateful to have him!


Dr Ketut’s BARC week starts on Monday, when he works on our community sterilisation program. He heads out to local communities on our behalf, and opens up the BARC HQ clinic to the public, sterilising as many as 1 dogs a day. (Sterilization makes a big difference – according to PETA, one fertile female and her offspring can produce up to 67,000 puppies in only six years!)

Photo: Dr Ketut Performing a sterilisation operation, Right: Dog and her happy owner post-surgery

Expats can book in a sterilization for their Bali dog1 at our HQ clinic on Mondays from 3pm, for an average donation amount of 400,000-500,000 IDR. That’s about half of what it would cost at a regular vet, and this donation allows BARC to do further street sterilisations and carry on our vital work.

Photo: Sterilisation waiting room open to the public.

Sterilization is also available for members of the Bali community, for free or a nominal donation. This is BARC’s way of helping to combat the dog abandonment epidemic – due to lack of education, female dogs and their puppies are often dumped in fear that they will have more puppies in the future. Thanks to BARC, community members now have an alternative, without potentially prohibitive costs.

Help us change the lives of Bali’s street dogs.

We’re changing lives, but we need help – we rely on the assistance of caring dog-lovers. We need volunteers to help us both on-the-ground in Bali and overseas, as well as donations, both monetary and of resources & materials so that we can continue our work.


Traveling to Bali? please check out our wish-list – we always need more blankets, tires, dog beds, and towels. And whether you’re a tourist or an expat, you can even help our wonderful dogs in person by providing a foster home or a forever-home.

1Bookings compulsory, via e-mail.