Help Bali’s dogs find loving homes with local villages

Dogs in Bali are enjoying loving new homes in the island’s villages thanks to the work of a local charity, and Balinese dog-lovers. But they need your help!

BARC (Bali dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre) have helped dogs in Bali for 12 years, by providing medical treatment and new homes. But they’re enjoying growing success, with a new approach that includes the local community and provides dog-care resources to local villages.

The world’s oldest dog breed.

Bali’s indigenous dog is the world’s oldest breed, according to scientists at the University of California Davis.

Its DNA is a blend of Australian Dingo, Chow-chow from Northern China, and Japanese Akita – making it a strong and hardy animal that enjoys being outside.

However, Bali’s dogs still need love, care – and your help.

Finding local homes for Bali’s dogs.

BARC help provide care for Bali’s injured and diseased dogs, then find homes where they can enjoy the friendship, care and attention that all dogs need to feel happy.

The Ubud-based charity run ‘village adoption days’, when they visit local villages, share advice about animal care and find loving homes for their dogs – leaving them with packages including collars, a blanket, dry food and bowls.

Sandy Button at BARC explained, Bali’s dogs are safest and happiest living with people and other dogs, in villages that care and love them – and that are equipped to provide for them. These villages are their home.’

‘It can be overwhelming to think about how many dogs need help – but the locals here in Bali can help us achieve far more than we can possibly can on our own.’

Linda Buller at BARC has found ingenious ways to help local dog-owners to care for their pets effectively, by recommending affordable and natural solutions – like using local neem and moringa leaves as dewormers, turmeric for inflammation, and ginger for stomach troubles.

However, helping dogs across Bali requires BARC to build their outreach network.

‘Expats in Bali could give us a huge help by fostering adult dogs – whether for a few weeks or long-term’, explained Sandy.

‘Finding homes for puppies is easy – but we have adult dogs who desperately need love, care, and exercise.

How can I adopt or foster a dog?

BARC offers a range of opportunities for you to help their dogs.

Foster Carer

Any expats in Bali – ranging from tourists to long-term stays – can foster a dog for a few weeks, or longer.

Dogs who are socialized, comfortable with families and toilet-trained are more likely to be adopted later – so you can make a real difference to their lives.

Barc provides their medicine, sterilization (if they’re old enough) and vaccination.

You just have to provide their food – and love.


If you live in Bali and can welcome a new forever friend to your pack, then check-out BARC’s dogs for adoption.

Virtual adoption

If you love dogs but live outside Bali, you could virtually adopt a BARC dog.

For just $10 each week (or $40/month), you can become a guardian and help pay for their food, shelter, toys, blankets, rehabilitation, behavioral support, general and medical care.

Dogs offered in our Virtual Adoption program are less likely to be adopted into a forever home, because of medical/health issues, age, or some form of trauma. And they might have issues that take them a long time to recover from.

But with your help, they can continue to enjoy a carefree life in a warm, safe and loving environment.

Whoever you are, there’s a way to help Bali’s dogs find loving and happy homes!

Please help Bali’s dogs today!

Set up a regular donation to BARC to help pay for food and resources.