We are a registered charity

BARC is registered in Australia and Indonesia as a not-for-profit charity. We are based and operate in Bali, Indonesia.

We are committed

Since our establishment in 2006 our small team of incredibly committed individuals have been working tirelessly to improve the lives of animals in Bali and throughout Indonesia. Our vision is to improve the lives of animals in this country, and that is no small job! We carry this work out on many and varied levels including; through government and official channels, with schools and villages, all the way down to individuals.

We act with integrity

An advisory board oversees BARC’s operation. This board consists of professionals in the field of animal welfare, veterinary science and business management; all volunteers in key official positions around the world who have come together to ratify decisions made and ensure we achieve the goals set out by the charity and our vision.

We offer full transparency

100% of all donations go into the achievement of our vision. Our newly implemented monthly reporting outlines where funds have been allocated and spent, along with providing accurate information about the animals. We truly do rely on the kindness of strangers through a global community of caring, generous donors and your trust in our charity is of upmost importance to us.

We value your feedback

We invite and welcome feedback BARC members and supporters at all times. Your support is invaluable to us. If you are ever unhappy, we also welcome any complaint you wish to make, and promise to deal with it promptly and seriously.

We respect your privacy

We take every reasonable measure to protect your privacy. Please be assured that we will never share information you entrust to us with any third parties, and will honor any request you make not to be contacted by us in a particular way.

If you believe, as we do, that dogs throughout Indonesia have the right to live a life free from cruelty, please consider supporting us today.