Avail for: Virtual Adoption

Age: +2 years

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Colour: Black/White

We are a no-kill shelter, committed to compassionate care. These old and un-adoptable dogs are given the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe place. They are given food, friends, shelter, medical care, human interaction and as much love as we can offer.

About Flea

Found as a 10 day old puppy back in April 2017, with little girl was absolutely covered in with hundreds of fleas all over her. Initially she was named Lucky, but the name Flea seems to have stuck with the staff and this is what she responds to!

She is a very playful, quite hyperactive little girl who loves to play tag – running up and then running away again. Overlooked for adoption because of how timid she is little Flea is living up at the BARC Sanctuary.

We would love little Flea to find her a permanent home, but she would need a patient, caring soul to match with her personality. Until that day she will remain with us.



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Signing up to support Flea under our virtual adoption program is just like adopting your own dog, without the day to day work involved. Your contribution covers the cost of her care, and energetically lets her know that someone out there is sending love her way! You will receive updates and be able to form a bond with her.

And who know, if you make it to Bali you might have the opportunity to come and meet her at the BARC Sanctuary.


If a compassionate, loving individual wanted to adopt Flea, we would be open to discussing this further.

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