Avail for: Virtual Adoption

Age: Senior Dog

Sex: Male

Size: Medium

Colour: Black/Grey

We are a no-kill shelter, committed to compassionate care. These old and un-adoptable dogs are given the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe place. They are given food, friends, shelter, medical care, human interaction and as much love as we can offer.

About Baksowki

Rescued from the streets Bakowski is now enjoying a relaxing life at the BARC Sanctuary. He is one of our senior dogs and not suitable for adoption.

While he can be really sweet and wagging his tail in one moment, he is just as likely to take a nip in the next! But our Bakowski still deserves the opportunity to live out the rest of his life in relaxation, which is what the Sanctuary offers to this sweet little guy.

He lives out the back near the monkeys, having his own little balcony and safe space. And you will note in the short video clip, that he has occasional monkey visitor from Jackson, who should really be named Houdini!



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Signing up to support Bakowski under our virtual adoption program is just like adopting your own dog, without the day to day work involved. Your contribution covers the cost of her care, and energetically lets him know that someone out there is sending love her way! You will receive updates and be able to form a bond with him.

And who know, if you make it to Bali you might have the opportunity to come and meet him at the BARC Sanctaury. Although, it is important to be clear that Bakowski is not one of our cuddly dogs, it is unlikely you will be able to touch him, but this doesn’t make him any less lovable in our eyes.

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