Helping dogs is a team effort. That’s why BARC’s mission is to empower Bali’s communities with the knowledge and skills they need to care for the island’s dogs.

Even our best efforts to rescue, help and care for dogs in Bali are a fraction of what locals can achieve, when we collaborate and empower them with helpful and affordable resources.

BARC have helped street dogs across Bali for 12 years, but we’re enjoying great success with a new model that involves community outreach and education.


Bali’s unique dogs enjoy living outside in villages and roaming free in the sun.

And like all dogs, they can experience injuries or illnesses.

However, not all villagers have the financial resources or knowledge to treat their dogs – and their ailments can escalate, until they’re in need of serious medical attention.

BARC’s approach is to share information about dog-care in local communities, so that issues can be dealt with quickly and inexpensively, before they become serious and require more urgent attention.


Medicine can be expensive for some locals, so BARC have pioneered an innovative approach that uses practical, affordable and locally-available remedies.

Examples of affordable treatments for dogs include

  1. Deworming with local neem and moringa leaves.
  2. Using tumeric to reduce inflammation and improve their immune systems.
  3. Easing stomach troubles with ginger.
  4. Disinfecting wounds with sugar.


BARC have a lifetime commitment to Bali’s dogs.

Each month we visit local villages to find homes for rescued dogs, check-in on animals we’ve rehomed and distribute medicine and helpful information about dog care.

Our plans are to begin by building five community outreach centres that allow us to reach across Bali and share education and resources that help locals to care for dogs, across Bali.

Making sure our dogs enjoy the care that they need throughout their life is a community effort – and so our role is shifting to becoming educators and change-promoters.

Dog-friendly villages in Bali are the best homes possible for our dogs – and BARC are here to help support them.

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