Photo: Top Left 2 – Wayan, bottom left – Ibu Putu, Right: Hendra

Meet our passionate full-time local staff that care for Bali’s street dogs everyday at the BARC Sanctuary. They’re working tirelessly with us to provide better futures and local homes for injured and sick animals. But we need your help, and every bit counts.


BARC (Bali dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre) has been helping dogs in Bali for over a decade, providing a caring sanctuary for their recovery, organising their adoption into loving homes, and working with villages to ensure they have the resources and information to provide care for their dogs.

BARC is an established charity of 12 years standing, and proud of the difference we’ve made to Bali’s street dogs. We help around a thousand dogs per year, and we couldn’t do it without our fantastic staff, volunteers – and people like you, supporting us all over the world.



Hendra is our very busy cook, preparing over 160kg of food every day. Each of our dogs eats about a kilo of food per day, with a balanced healthy diet including meat, rice, and veggies. When he’s not cooking up a storm, he also helps us to feed and tend to the dogs and cleans cages.


Ibu Putu

Ibu means mother in Balinese, and Ibu Putu has a mother’s touch! She works on the socialization of each dog, giving them the TLC they need to recover and thrive. She also administers vet-prescribed medicine, plays with the dogs, bathes them and shows them that they are safe and loved.


We also have rescued monkeys and horses living at our sanctuary. Ketut takes care of them while tending to the land: chopping grass, weeding, planting and caring for crops that we feed our animals.

Junge Wayan 


Junge Wayan is our caretaker – from building new cages, tending to the land, and fixing all manner of things from cages to the monkey roof, he’s our one-stop repair-shop.

Endik and Mita


Endik and Mita are two girls who help out with general duties such as cleaning, bathing and feeding dogs. Endik has been with us since the sanctuary started, and we’re so grateful for both of their hard work!

Ubud Team – Wayan, Desek and Ajik


Wayan, Desek and Ajik come to the sanctuary three days a week to help with maintenance tasks, such as creating new areas, and working on new dog runs (compounds) to break the dogs up into smaller packs so that they can live comfortably and in harmony, reducing fights between alpha dogs and for resource guarding. Smaller packs also mean that we can get to know our dogs better and tend to their individual needs. We aim to have a maximum of 20 dogs per pack.


What goes into setting up a new dog run at the Sanctuary?

 – Min 30m of chicken wire

– 3 sacks of concrete

– 1 post every 5m

– 5 team members working full-time for 2+ days, then setting up the roof and sleeping shelter

Photos: Desek, Ibu Putu and Sanctuary team in action Top Left: Building a dog run, Top Right: Bringing supplies through the land, Bottom Left: Agus and team surveying damage Bottom Right: Fixing the Monkey Roof.


barc sanctuary bali dog rescue penyelamat anjing bali

We’re changing lives, but we need help – we rely on the assistance from caring dog-lovers. We need volunteers to help us both on-the-ground in Bali and overseas, as well as donations, both monetary and of resources & materials so that we can continue our work, and to make the land in our sanctuary more self-sustainable.

Travelling to Bali? please check out our wish-list – we always need more blankets, tires, dog beds, and towels. And whether you’re a tourist or an expat, you can even help our wonderful dogs in person by providing a foster home or a forever-home.