BARC HQ and Sanctuary – Upgrades and Progress!

Our team has been hard at work upgrading our animal sanctuary and our Ubud headquarters, thanks to the kind donations of our supporters!

BARC (Bali dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre) operates two complementary facilities

Together, our team has been working hard to help dogs in Bali for over a decade, providing a safe, caring sanctuary for their recovery, and working with local villages to find them forever-homes.

HQ News

We’ve consolidated our headquarters with the art gallery upstairs. BARC’s founder, Linda, is also an artist; she sells paintings and donates the proceeds to BARC with the intention of setting up a Dog Café1 in the future. Three of our dogs, Timmy, Jimmy and Yo Yo are already in training to prepare for their important jobs as BARC mascot ambassadors at the Dog Café!

Our puppies have now moved downstairs and have made progress in their toilet training. The adult dogs are out the back to get more attention, and have been divided into dog runs to reduce their pack size and keep them happier:

Photo: Barc HQ backyard outdoor dog section, Right: Some of our happy dogs at HQ

There’s also a separate area for disabled/weaker dogs, and we are able to separate dogs based on personalities.

Desa has received further training and been promoted to work more with rehabilitation, dog behavior, and animal welfare.

We’ve done a big clean-up of the downstairs backyard and have improved the utilisation of the land to create a small run/play area. There’s still a bit more work to do, though – it’s a big job!

The vet room/clinic is still upstairs, with sterilizations by our vet, Dr Ketut, still open to the public on Mondays from 3pm. For more information about services and recommended donations, check out our vet and sterilisation costs. (Our merchandise area is now at the top floor of the clinic, so don’t forget to pick up some BARC goodies on the way out!)

Sanctuary News

Our sanctuary now has a new entrance, and we’ve worked with the local community to create a new road leading directly to our front gate. We’ve also created additional areas for the dogs.

Photo: Left – Pak Wayan clearing up the gate, Right: Augus & Ibu Putu

We carried out a Subak ceremony for the new road, a fascinating tradition which is world heritage listed by UNESCO as part of the Cultural Landscape of Bali. (If you’d like to know more about Subak, visit its UNESCO listing here.) It was a lovely ceremony, and a wonderful reminder of the spirit of local community.

It’s currently the cold season in Bali, so we need more beds, blankets and towels for our rescue dogs, as well as medicated wash – if you’re travelling to Bali and have space in your suitcase, please bring some along to our HQ (and enjoy some puppy cuddles)!

Photo: Our HQ Dogs cozy in their dog beds with blankets.

Help us change the lives of Bali’s street dogs.


We’re changing lives, but we need help – we rely on the assistance of caring dog-lovers. We need volunteers to help us both on-the-ground in Bali and overseas, as well as donations, both monetary and of resources & materials so that we can continue our work.


Travelling to Bali? please check out our wish-list – we always need more blankets, tires, dog beds, and towels. And whether you’re a tourist or an expat, you can even help our wonderful dogs in person by providing a foster home or a forever-home.

1 You’ve probably heard of the cat café phenomenon, which started in Japan and has become popular all over the world. A dog café is the same concept, but with cute canines!