Dog on the menu

It is a very sad fact that dog meat is on the menu throughout the world, including Indonesia. It is believed when a dog is beaten to death, cooked and eaten it will bring on aphrodisiac symptoms for men.

As more ethnic groups from other areas of the country move to Bali, the demand for dog meat grows, as does the curiosity of the Balinese people. They are lured by the promise of increased sexual stamina if you eat this colored dog, or being cured of a common cold by eating that colored dog – the list goes on.

Many of these RW (Dog Meat) restaurants are operating illegally and are keeping up with demand by stealing healthy, beloved pets – either from their yards or the streets.

Eating dogs is not a Balinese tradition, nor a cheap meat alternative for low income families. A serving of dog meat is more expensive than chicken.

Here are some of our Dog Meat Trade Stories:

A community effort saved this dog from becoming dog meat


A phone call to BARC early the morning after Nyepi (the Balinese New Year celebration). Jess, an Aussie expat, had heard a commotion in the street. She walked out the front of her house to find her neighbours in the process of giving their dog to the dog meat sellers.

They had bound all his legs tightly together with rope. His mouth had been wired shut. And he was on the back of a bike ready to be driven to his slow and terrifying death.

Jess heroically stepped in, she stopped the trade from taking place and demanded the dog be released immediately.

The owners agreed but wanted the dog ‘gone’ immediately, advising that it was ‘very aggressive’.

Unable to reach the dog in time, we put out an SOS call on Facebook for someone in the area with a car to pick him up and get him to safety. Our calls for help were answered by local dog lover and rescuer, Nicole. She  threw a cage straight in the car, then went and picked him up.

This gorgeous, sweet, loyal and trusting Rotty x Bali Dog is now safe at BARC. He is not at all aggressive as stated by his irresponsible, uneducated owners.

It is estimated some 100,000 dogs in Bali loose their life each year to the dog meat trade. Many are stolen or unwanted pets, just like this boy.

Sad casualty of dog meat trade

A call came through to the rescue line about a paralysed dog needing help in Sanur. We were in the area so went straight there.

Three days prior a dog had fallen off a truck on the highway. While the destination of the truck is not known. It is probable she was a stolen pet headed for an RW warung (dog meat restaurant).

As she fell from the truck she was hit by a passing car.

A Balinese lady from a nearby shop grabbed a raincoat to wrap the dog in and drag her to safety.

As she recalled her endeavors to us;

She was trying to pick up the scared dog, when a man approached…
“Give her to me I will take her to the RW.”
“NO!” the lady screamed and continued to try and pick up the dog.
The man kept hassling her and trying to take the dog.
The lady kept arguing and telling him NO. Until eventually she had the scared dog in her arms and was able to whisk her away to the safety of her shop.

She called a vet who unfortunately misdiagnosed the dog and gave some medicine before leaving. After 3 days of the dog not being able to walk or move, the lady’s friend called us.

X-ray’s and proper diagnosis from Sunset Vet showed her spine was broken completely in half and she was permanently paralysed.

Nothing could be done to help her, recovery was not possible. This little soul went to doggy heaven.

No dogs should ever have to suffer the way dogs in this country do 

Please note: the other tabs contain graphic images that may disturb.

ASHA – Almost cut in half by dog meat traders

Asha was destined to be Dog meat dinner…

Found almost severed in half from a piece of wire cutting deep into her waist! It is believed Asha narrowly escaped the grips of a dog meat trader!

Originally spotted dragging the bamboo catching pole around her waist. Some kind locals tried to help Asha by removing the pole, but were unsuccessful in removing the SELF TIGHTENING wire loop cutting into her! She was understandably too scared to let them near her.

She was finally reported to us by concerned tourists who saw her staggering in the streets. Alone, scared and very close to death. Her deep wound badly infected and full of maggots, only millimetres away from vital organs!

Poor Asha is lucky to be alive! Today she is living with us in one of the BARC safe houses.


We received some disturbing reports of a dog meat seller operating on foot and by motorbike in highly populated tourist areas.

The letters RW stand for dog meat, and this same seller has been pictured in several areas of Kuta and Seminyak.

Please be careful what you are eating and keep a close eye on your pets! Unfortunately, most of the meat being sold is from stolen pets.

Please note: Eating dog meat is NOT a Balinese tradition, it is also NOT a cheaper food option.

Bali says no to dog meat

Since 2015, BARC hosts Bali’s annual  gathering to stand up against the dog meat trade.

As part of a global march against the trade, Bali first joined in 2015 and had one of the best turn outs in the world with over 200 people marching the streets of Denpasar and gathering outside the governors office to voice our concerns.

Since then BARC have been working hard behind the scenes against this vile trade that sees over 100,000 dogs a year stolen, beaten and even cooked alive.

Eating dog meat is NOT a Balinese cultural tradition and it is NOT a cheaper food source.

We have recently seen some positive outcomes from our work, we hope to see many more RW Warungs shut down in the near future and look forward to partnering more with other great organizations around Indonesia and the world to bring change to Bali 


Thanks to the huge efforts of some dedicated BARCateers, we now have available a small monthly budget to spend on our ‘Dog Squad’.

Therefore we employed a “Dog Squad” worker, who currently works on a case by case basis; investigating  reports of animal abuse & reports of RW’s (Dog meat restaurants). He goes on under cover assignments as needed.

We would LOVE to employ this person in a full time capacity so his sole job is to file police reports on cases like this, push for the maximum punishment to be handed out, and lobby the government to write tougher animal protection laws.